About Nique'Scapes!

Nique'Scapes, a woman-owned and operated landscape company, began in 1999 and has grown into an established and highly successful business. Our landscapes are designed to respect and showcase the Albuquerque high desert environment. Our mission is to include as much native flora and fauna as possible in an attempt to support their viability and longevity.

We live in a very diverse world which still holds many secrets. Your landscape can be a small canvas wherein you can find peace, playfulness and a welcoming retreat from the outside world. A place where the bonds of family and friendships can grow stronger.  It will show you, in your stillness, the abundance and complexities of nature's life.

Your canvas will be rich in active life and also rich in sounds, colors, textures, smells, tastes and structures.


In your landscape you might find worms, pollinating bees and flies,  roadrunners feeding on snails or sunning lizards, hummingbirds seeping nectar, birds eating seeds or fruits, everyone scurrying away from the occasional raptor, butterflies gliding over your yard scouting for suitable plants in support of their lifecycle.

The depth of nature's silence is matched by the variety of its sounds, such as the sound of water splashing from your fountain, birds bathing and bickering over the best spot, the back and forth of buzzing bees and hummingbirds, mourning doves cooing to one another, or a gentle wind stroking aspen leaves.

Our desert color's palette range extends itself broadly from the pale green (chamisa) and grey (winterfat) hues to our deepest 'blacks' (hollyhock) and many vibrant colors such as red (penstemon) , pink (salvia), yellow (perky sue) and blue (plumbago) and more.

Enjoy very carefully the texture of the ocotillo, purple prickly pear or pampas grass blade while quite safely enjoying the softness of a Miscanthus plume or the coarse texture leaf of the Fernbush.

When 'bruising' certain of your plants, you might relive the experience of ... a cup of chocolate, ... a peppermint tea or stick of chewing gum, or maybe have the sudden inclination to broil rosemary chicken.

Who has not chewed on a blade of grass, or picked an apple from a fruit-laden tree. Who has not eaten food enhanced by mint, rosemary, oregano, basil. Enjoyed piñon nuts, lettuce, sun-tea, or rhubarb. All these can be found in your own landscape.

Compare the heavy bark of the Ponderosa pine to the refined look of the crape mytle's. From the mighty cottonwood tree to the trailing rosemary, from the elephant-sized sycamore leaf to the needle of a piñon, from the lilac to the black-eyed susan flower, nature is infinite in its display.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to design and implement the perfect niche to meet your needs and at the same time take care of our world, one parcel at a time.