Nique'Scapes Portfolio
Xeriscape Rebate Program

Following are two projects where the sod area was removed and replaced by a xeriscape. The first was in full sun and the second was primarily in shade. For both the City of Albuquerque Xeriscape Rebate Program staff was contacted, a design approved, the implementation verified and the ensuing rebate automatically deducted from the client's ABC WUA monthly bill until totally spent.

(all photographs in this top series courtesy of the owner)




Other Projects

Here are a few other projects undertaken this year.

1. We built a front courtyard wall with a flagstone patio. This increases the space for socializing in the evening and offers a more welcoming view from the street and for the guests walking up to the front gate.



2. We re-engineered a backyard designed and implemented a few years back. Additional strong elements were added to those already present. The tiered walls, the Ponderosa pine, the top deck are now balanced with a ramada, a dry stream river bed, a flagstone path and patio. Birds and butterflies galore enjoy this landscape and bring joy of bountifulness to the owners.

(most photographs courtesy of G. Vary, an award-winning photographer)


3 We designed and installed a metal frame (approved by an engineer and the City of Albuquerque) to withstand required wind gusts and snow load for the shade sails stretched in between. This implementation, which can show off as flying seabirds, was installed for the comfort of lunching students at a charter school...



4. A xeriscape at the foot of two baby sycamores, which will develop itself into a bountiful and very colorful area...



Richmond Landscape

These photos show a short timeline for the South section of a front yard that you can drive by at 442 Richmond Place NE. This xeriscape shows off a meandering flagstone path with a bridge over a dry river bed and a swale ~ to keep water on property. This phased-in implementation (started in 2002) began with the backyard wall. The year after the front courtyard wall was built using only blocks salvaged from the original 1950's backyard wall~demolished carefully the year before. The backbone projects of terraforming (grading with berms and swales) and irrigation came next. Finally we proceeded with the implementation of the full landscape design. Our final effort will continue by incorporating metal gates (also designed by Nique'Scapes) and landscaping the inside bricked courtyard.


Before & After Photographs

The following series represents a landscape that we re-engineered. The client did not enjoy the original flatness of the design not the repetitive choice of softscape and its sparseness. We did not take any Before photographs, so all there is to see is the final result.


Here you can view four pairs of Before and After photographs.

This first pair includes a xeriscape; an obvious choice given the micro climate of this property: very hot with full sun. It had been a lawn with a tree in the middle.


This second pair shows the neighbor's property the year after. The owners agreed to have the first landscape's design flow into their property, integrating both properties' design as if into one landscape.


We received a call from prospective clients, stating that they needed a solution for a 'dead' triangle corner space. So we created a small, quaint area where our clients could sit for a private moment and watch birds bathe in the fountain or just enjoy the view of their inside property.


Clients wanted to add some 'interest' to a very flat design. This final pair shows how we re-engineered the corner with a small swale for some change in grade.